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Say hello to DestinationCore Insights Version 3.0.

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Will Wright, Managing Partner at DestinationCore.

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We are delighted to announce that we’ve successfully launched an updated version of DestinationCore Insights – the reporting dashboard that sits at the heart of every DestinationCore website.

Feedback is incredibly important to us and we’re proud that the product features are shaped by the needs of our clients and the wider industry. With that in mind, we are pleased to say that the updated version includes a lot of the improvements that have been suggested by our clients.

Talking about the launch of Insights Version 3.0 our Managing Partner Will Wright commented:

“DestinationCore Insights is a unique reporting dashboard which brings together the analysis of website analytics, social media insight and email marketing.

Ever since we launched DestinationCore, the Insights Dashboard has been central to our offering. We know how valuable the automated collection of reporting data is to our clients, and how much they appreciate the insight and intelligence they are able to glean through this important reporting tool. That’s why we decided to invest in making it even better. Our hope is that the new features will provide our clients with even more Actionable Insights to help them continually refine and improve the performance of their digital marketing.”

Here’s a quick run-down of what’s new:

  • Brand new engagement benchmarking – clients can view at a glance how they perform against their peers when it comes to engagement with their digital marketing
  • Top performing blog posts – lots of our clients were asking for blog posts to be added alongside businesses, event and offers, so we've responded in kind
  • View email statistics campaign by campaign – this new tool allows clients to see which emails receive the highest engagement, helping to inform future campaign content
  • Website device breakdown – see the types of device that users view content on, allowing clients to adapt forthcoming content to be more in context
  • Sessions and page views by location – providing a richer understanding of where website visitors are coming from across the UK

Previously DestinationCore Insights had only been available to clients who have a DestinationCore website. However, in addition to the new features we’ve introduced, the system has been completely reconfigured to allow any destination website and digital marketing channels to be integrated into the dashboard.

We’ve also created a new permission structure which allows several websites to be linked to an account so that you can view performance across all the websites, social media channels and email marketing in that account. Additionally we've introduced an innovative feature which allows clients to view the top performing social posts from across the entire account.

Jay Pratt, our Technical Lead offers some commentary on how this works and the benefits to destinations:

“Our new approach means even more destinations can benefit from the Actionable Insights offered through our Insights dashboard. The introduction of linked websites across an account means that clients using this portfolio-based approach will be able to view trends across all the destinations in their portfolio to identify the best practice in specific areas. Learnings from a particular website, social media post or email can then be used to improve the performance of other destinations.”

The first client set to benefit from this is Savills Place – a Manchester based content and digital marketing agency - who deal exclusively with Leisure & Retail destinations. Chris Burton of Savills Place can’t wait to start using the product:

“The DestinationCore Insights product is going to offer exceptional value to our Shopping Centre and Leisure & Retail clients by providing them with an added level of intelligence about the performance of their destination marketing activity”

“Previously the reports we created for our clients were quite manual. We had to login to the reporting sections of each client’s website, social media and email marketing channels and extract the data we wanted. This is very time consuming. DestinationCore Insights automates that process and also provides a unique oversight of the best performing channels and destinations in our portfolio. We can learn very quickly about what’s engaging users in one area and then apply that to other destinations in our portfolio. The top performing social posts is also a great tool.”

“The time we save compiling reports can now be spent on more marketing activity. Making our clients budgets stretch further and providing added value over our competitors.”

If you’d like to find out more about the new and updated DestinationCore Insights product please contact Will Wright –, or Jane Petrucci – and ask for a demo.

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