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Know Before You Go: DestinationCore launches TXGB integration

Your DestinationCore site can now link with Tourism Exchange Great Britian (TXGB) to allow visitors to search, find and book directly through your website

This is great news for DestinationCore clients, as it improves the user experience by providing consumers with the opportunity to search, find and book accommodation, attractions, tours and events directly from the website. It also provides added value to stakeholders and the businesses listed on your site through a reduction in commission fees, improved cash-flow and increased intelligence; all of which helps to demonstrate return on investment.

This new partnership can help your destination by:

+ Improving user experience, growing your audience & increasing loyalty

+ Generating income for you & more profit for the businesses in your destination

+ Adding value & intelligence for you & your stakeholders.

TXGB has been developed in partnership with VisitEngland to grow the UK tourism sector. It is a digital marketplace that acts as a central exchange linking up booking systems for accommodation and attraction providers across the UK. Meaning distributors, such as BIDs and DMOs, who add this functionality to their website are able to offer visitors the opportunity to book directly from their destination website.

This additional functionality creates a continuous cycle of benefits to all parties.


Destination websites which bring together everything that a location has to offer into one single online offering have always been a great tool for consumers planning what to do when they are on holiday. However, the need to ‘know before you go’ is ever more important now post lockdown. There is a real need for visitors to pre-book their excursions and activity before they visit. The linkup between DestinationCore and TXGB provides this service - a website which offers the ability for multiple bookings related to a visit which will become a ‘go-to’ tool for consumers.

In addition, the capability to book an entire itinerary from a single website provides outstanding convenience for consumers which will, in turn, increase loyalty and encourage repeat visits. Adding ‘bookability’ creates a more direct call to action, which will increase traffic and provide users with even more compelling reasons to visit.

The ability to capture customer data as part of the booking process will allow destinations to build more in-depth relationships through targeted and personalised communications with users by suggesting events, attractions and offers to supplement and enhance a consumer visit- as well as ongoing communications to encourage repeat visits.

Using a trusted platform such as the VisitEngland backed TXGB system to facilitate booking will mean destinations can ‘own’ and streamline the customer journey, as well as provide peace of mind that the highest levels of customer security are being maintained.


TXGB charge a 2.5% booking fee for every booking made via their platform. Accommodation providers, attractions, tour operators and event organisers are accustomed to fees in the region of 15% to the well-known booking aggregators and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). TXGB enables providers to diversify their distribution, selecting the right mix of channels for their business and in doing so allows them to optimise the overall commission they pay through the year across all bookings.

As part of the agreement with VisitEngland, and in order to fund promotion of local tourism, destination websites which pay for and utilise TXGB as a service are able to charge a commission fee for all bookings generated via their website. This provides a valuable income to fund further promotion of the location, drawing in more visitors and generating further bookings for more types of suppliers in their area. In turn, this will help to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the customer, the place and local businesses.

Using TXGB is win-win for all concerned as providers pay less commission and the revenue generated by the website provider helps to fund additional promotion of the area. There are no upfront costs to worry about as fees are only payable when a booking is made. Due to the way TXGB works with destinations, creating direct booking with suppliers and integrating directly with the end providers’ booking system, it also helps improve cashflow as money is paid directly to the provider – and not via a third party.


As part of the ongoing DestinationCore relationship with TXGB we will be working on making additional reporting available via the DestinationCore Insights Dashboard, providing greater insight and intelligence than ever before. Statistics such as total number of bookings made via TXGB, the income generated and a breakdown of the average order value by type will demonstrate a direct link between marketing activity and bookings made.

This means that destinations will be able to demonstrate with complete accuracy the overall value of the TXGB service to the destination, and to each individual business who is listed on the TXGB platform.

Using data in this way will mean destinations can make direct correlations regarding the impact and performance of marketing activity; demonstrating just how effective it is in terms of converting online visitors into actual visitors. This intelligence will deliver a higher level of understanding about how consumers are using the destination website, providing insight to inform current and future marketing campaigns to maximise effectiveness.


We know there is increasing pressure from local suppliers and providers for destination marketing organisations to be inclusive, strategic and digitally enabled. The good news is that our integration with TXGB allows you to be all three.

We also know that client budgets vary, and because we want as many of our clients (and future clients) to be able to access this fantastic government funded and VisitEngland backed service – for the benefit of their destination and their providers - we’ve worked closely with the team at TXGB to develop two options for our clients; either Standard Integration or Advanced Integration.

Standard TXGB Integration; offers the ability to create a ‘Book Now’ button on a business directory listing page for any provider whose product or service can be booked via TXGB.

Clicking the ‘Book Now’ button will refer the user to a branded booking form on the TXGB platform and will allow the user to make a booking directly with that provider.

In addition, we’ll also add an ‘search bar’ on the directory listing page where users can complete details of their visit – such as date and number of guests or participants which will then be pushed to the TXGB platform to pre-populate the booking form.

We’ll also pull through the TXGB ‘Rate Card Grid’ - which shows up-to-date availability and pricing. This will allow users to view date, time and pricing information in a chart and provide the ability to select their preferred time and date, at which point the selected criteria will be pushed to the TXGB platform to pre-populate the booking form.

From that point on, all transactional emails will be dealt with via TXGB, or directly from the provider.

This provides clients with low-cost entry to the service, which adds a booking facility to the website, and offers the provider access to the low commission rate bookings provided through TXGB, as well as the opportunity for the destination to earn commission.

All transactional and customer data will be captured in your TXGB dashboard.

Advanced TXGB Integration; we will offer everything that is included in the standard package, but with a future addition of capturing data directly in your Insights Dashboard, allowing you to visualise and understand the relationship between marketing activity and consumer booking activity.

We’ll also be working with TXGB to find a way to automatically capture customer data into your own Email Service Provider (ESP) platform, saving you having to manually import data from your TXGB dashboard – meaning every new booking will dynamically grow your subscriber database, allowing you to build consumer loyalty and encourage repeat visits.

PLEASE NOTE: The Advanced Integration is not yet available as further development work is required by both DestinationCore and TXGB to fully enable this functionality.

Future Additions to "Bookability"; we’re also working on adding extra bookablity features to the DestinationCore product suite; these include pulling in live pricing and availability information from multiple booking providers as well as enhanced data capture in the Insights Dashboard.

“As one of the leading providers of destination marketing technology we’re delighted to be to working with the team at DestinationCore to make the TXGB service available to their clients. Integrating with industry specific providers is part of our strategy to make the service as widely available as possible and help grow tourism in the UK”

James Berzins, Director TXGB


Make contact with your Account Manager, or get in contact with Will Wright, Managing Partner at DestinationCore, who will discuss your requirements, provide pricing options for your TXGB integration and if required arrange a consultation with a representative from TXGB who will talk to you through how to set up a TXGB account for your destination and the process of onboarding the providers in your location.

For full details about how the TXGB integration can benefit your business, please download our comprehensive guide here: TXGB + DC Document


TXGB is a government funded initiative, and the onboarding service, provided by TXGB, for providers is completely free of charge - there are no upfront costs from TXGB. The ongoing maintenance of the TXGB platform and booking engine is funded through the 2.5% booking fee.

The cost of integrating the TXGB service into a destination website is expected to be funded by the organisation responsible for the promotion of that destination – the Standard Integration with DestinationCore is just £1,250. These development costs, and the future funding of promotion of the service to consumers can be funded via an additional % commission fee charged by the destination website provider.

This is a VisitEngland backed initiative to help unlock the full potential of our tourism economy, to get the whole market working in harmony with healthy competition between participants in order to optimise commission fees and improve the customer experience. It enables destinations to promote local, domestic and international inbound tourism in the UK in a new and more sustainable way.

View some case studies



The NewcastleGateshead Initiative is the DMO representing Newcastle, Gateshead and the surrounding areas. They came to us frustrated with their existing website solution – feeling that their current provider was offering poor value for money. Our solution has helped transform their online presence by improving the user experience and offering greater value for their members.


Visit Southampton

Visit Southampton

Southampton BID had just gone through a brand refresh and were looking to help bring that brand to life with a powerful online experience. They wanted to be the go-to website for users to find out about what to do and what's on in Southampton. They chose the Advanced core package and The List Events Feed module to power their website.


All About Ipswich

All About Ipswich

All About Ipswich is a DMO for Ipswich and the surrounding area. The website showcases events and offers, and also includes a business directory. It provides easy access to a huge range of content, with the Journey Planner and Itinerary Builder modules enriching the user experience. The Campaign Section module provides a hub for the client's numerous marketing initiatives.


Visit Clapham Junction

Visit Clapham Junction

As a BID in their first term The Junction BID needed to make an impact. Attracting visitors to Clapham Junction by showcasing what’s on offer and demonstrating value to the businesses they represent was essential. They chose the Offers and Events progressive web app alongside the Advanced core package to encourage people who work within the BID area to spend more time at The Junction.


In Colchester

In Colchester

In Colchester is the consumer website for the Colchester BID. We helped them create a new consumer facing brand, and then applied that brand to the DestinationCore platform to create a stunning looking website. Launched in August 2019 the feedback for this site has been superb. The client is looking to refine and improve the website in the coming months and years by adding modules in the future.


Visit Melchester

Visit Melchester

We’ve created a demo site for our fantasy town of Melchester. It’s an idyllic location by the sea, with an abundance of independent retailers and fair number of local characters too. Be sure to check out the blog about a true local hero - Admiral Standfast. Use the 'Toggle' button to switch between the Standard and Advanced sites to compare the differences. Go on. Take a trip to Melchester!

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