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Find out how leveraging data feeds into your site can supercharge it with fresh content and take the labour out of keeping it up to date.

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Jay Pratt, Technical Lead at DestinationCore.

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A common problem

Adding a website to your marketing portfolio is always a huge step forward for any organisation and in these (almost) post-COVID times, reducing the effort that potentially smaller sized teams have to undertake without reducing the impact on your marketing reach and the value of the content of your site is key.

At DestinationCore we work with BID teams of all sizes; some have a dedicated resource who are constantly keeping their sites up-to-date with valuable content that users love, whilst at the other end of the scale we also work with teams of just one or two people where this approach is just not realistic or possible. But this shouldn't stop them from being able to have a site that matches larger teams on the content front.

Thankfully with automated content - it doesn't!

Save the leg work involved in sourcing the right content to the experts.

Make your site a hungry one

Every DestinationCore customer has the opportunity to take advantage of automated content population. We work with expert partners who provide extensive data feeds around events, offers and businesses and it's these feeds that populate the content on their sites.

Whether you are looking for exciting events, great offers or all the business info you can get your hands on, we can provide data feeds that will populate your site without you having to lift a finger.

Let's take a look at two examples;

Data Thistle

Data Thistle sources, gathers, manages, publishes and distributes information on events and entertainment and thanks to our List API Module, you can benefit from curated events for your area pulled straight into your site. The feed runs once every 24 hours and will create new, update existing and remove expired events. The feed allows us to pull in the following information:

  • Event Name
  • Venue Information
  • Performance information including performance times and ticket information
  • Imagery
  • Contact information

and much more!

Automated Subscriber Emails with Mailchimp

We have developed a plugin for our DestinationCore customers that allows them to set up automated emails that send a digest of content from selected sections of their site to their Mailchimp audience. The plugin allows users to set the content, delivery interval and audience that the emails are sent to. Once it's setup - that's it, no more laborious email creation, no more having to remember to send out those regular nuggets of content, the plugin handles it all!

Making your site a hungry one essentially means, give it the data to consume and save the leg work involved in sourcing the right content to the experts.

Sign me up!

If this sounds like something that your DestinationCore site would benefit from, get in touch and we'd be happy to discuss integrating the modules into your site.

Alternatively if you haven't joined the DestinationCore family but all this sounds too good to miss out on, talk to us about joining the family today.

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