DestinationCore | New Integration Partnership with SnapSea

New Integration Partnership with SnapSea

The DestinationCore team are excited to announce a new partnership with tourism UGC provider Snapsea

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Will is Managing Partner at DestinationCore

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We believe one of the principle selling points for DestinationCore is that we provide our clients with an easy-to-use and intuitive Content Management System. We place a very high importance on offering an excellent content editing experience, and by doing so we help our clients save valuable time when adding or editing content on their website.

A great content editing experience can, and should include - where possible and appropriate - integration with other technology that a client relies on for populating their site with content which excites and engages the user. It's for this very reason that we're so excited to announce our latest integration partnership with destination User Generated Content (UGC) provider SnapSea.

SnapSea is a UGC platform for Travel Marketers. Since they launched their product in January 2021 they have taken the market by storm and have already secured contracts with Visit Chester & Cheshire, The Outer Hebrides and Visit Kent, amongst others.

Their UGC platform empowers travel tourism marketing teams to tell their story through impactful user-generated content. As well as discover, find and acquire content rights to the best visuals from locals and visitors to the area. By doing this SnapSea clients can manage asset libraries and share content that helps convert online visitors into physical visitors.

Through the SnapSea platform clients have access to a huge range of UGC content and images, that they will rightly want to use on their website to provide inspiration to website visitors.

This new integration partnership will provide a significant time saving, and vastly improved content editing experience for clients. It will remove several hours of manual and time-consuming work. The usual process for a client who has a seperate UGC platform and CMS would be:

  1. Search for the the content they want within the UGC platform
  2. Once they have found the content they are looking for they will then download it out of the system
  3. The image will then need to be upload into the CMS
  4. Once uploaded into the CMS the image will need to be located in the system and added to the page where they want the content located
  5. Finally, check the image looks right when added to the front end of the website (and if it doesn't the whole process would need to be started again!)

The DestinationCore and SnapSea integration removes all this unnecessary complication and allow clients who work with both technology provides to select content from their SnapSea account directly from within the DestinationCore CMS. The selected content can then be checked in-page using the DestinationCore preview functionality and when the client is happy that it looks just right the SnapSea image can be published to their DestinationCore website at the click of a button.

DestinationCore Managing Partner Will Wright is delighted with the new integration partnership "Having spoken to Cody at SnapSea on a number of occasions it is clear that he values providing clients with a great service as much as we do. He also shares our desire to help clients get the maximum possible return for their investment in technology. We also both understand just how important it is for our clients to converting online visitors into physical visitors, so when he approached me about a potential link-up between our technology solutions we jumped at the chance".

Cody Dillabough, CEO of SnapSea is equally pleased about the partnership "Our main goal at SnapSea is to provide destinations access to new technologies to allow them to truly show the diversity of experiences that their visitors experience on a day to day basis. Our partnership with DestinationCore will allow us to provide destination marketers another avenue to share authentic visitor content directly through their website with powerful integrations."

If you're already working with DestinationCore and SnapSea, or if you're in the process of reviewing your destination marketing technology solutions then we recommend you get in touch with either Will ( or Cody ( to discuss how this partnership between two market disrupting technology provides can help you achieve more with less effort.

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