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Professional Service Hours

At DestinationCore we understand that budgeting for your website can be tricky. The requirements for your website continually evolve, meaning that sometimes you need to find budget for updates or additional promotion of your website.

To get the maximum exposure for your website you often need to be responsive to nationwide trends and events. Sometimes this can mean adding a new feature to your website, or enhancing some of the existing functionality. At other times it might mean that you need to enhance the SEO for specific pages.

We also know that over time, as new content gets added and the site evolves, completely unintentionally, small issues can arise that have a negative impact on the performance of the site in search engines. These issues can be many and diverse from missing meta-data to content duplication or more technical issues such as broken links, 400 errors or deleted pages that have not been redirected. These issues can creep into any site that has regularly updated content and go by unnoticed silently working against your sites ranking in search engines like Google or Bing.

We're aware that you need your website budget to be flexible, with the ability to allocate funds to the area which is going to have the biggest impact for you. More than likely you also want reassurance that someone is keeping any eye on the Search Engine Optimisation of your site, so that you don't slip down the rankings without even realising it.

That's why we have developed the DC Professional Service Hours (PSH) product. This service offering has been crafted to provide DC clients with reassurance relating to SEO and budget management. PSH is a way of ‘ringfening budget’ which can used for continual refinement and improvement of your DestinationCore website. Hours can be ‘called off’ against as required with you making the decisions on where the budget is best spent - based on what's most important to you.

PSH can be used in three ways:


Included in the DC PSH service is a regular SEO audit which scans your site for the most common issues relating to under performance in Search Engines. The regularity of audit depends on the tier of PSH you sign-up to.

The DC PSH products are designed to put our clients in control of their own SEO destiny. We place an emphasis on SEO education for our clients helping you understand how to get the most from the powerful, pre-installed, SEO tools which exist in your DC website CMS. Our SEO audits are designed to identify any actions required to build and safeguard the Search Engine authority of your site, as well as create a roadmap of improvements which can be made to increase visibility to your desired target audience and make your website work hard for you.

Every audit we produce will always contain a set of recommendations which the team working on the site day-to-day can implement via the tools available in the CMS (we’ll even run SEO Tools training sessions as and when you need them so you can be sure you’re using them right).

Running an SEO audit on your site at regular intervals will provide peace of mind regarding technical SEO performance. The more regularly you audit your site the less issues that are likely to have built up and the quicker it will be to fix those that have been identified. The audits will be produced in line with your Quarterly Reviews.

As a minimum every audit will contain a list of:

An example of some of the options available to you following each audit:


We offer three tiers of PSH.

BRONZE PSH - Cost: £4,250

Perfect for destinations working on limited budgets, but who want reassurance around SEO with guidance from experts. This budget will allow for the occasional functionality update to your website year-on-year.


  • Annual SEO audit
  • Six-month SEO check-in
  • 32 hours of time
Dc psh bronze logo

SILVER PSH - Cost: £6,750

Perfect for destinations who have the in-house resource to regularly update content and require some technical SEO support. This kind of budget will provide you with the opportunity to add one or two new features to your website each year.


  • Bi-annual SEO audit
  • Two additional six-month SEO check-in's
  • 48 hours of time
Dc psh silver logo

GOLD PSH - Cost: £10,500

If SEO rankings are vital to your destination, and you're adding lots of new content then this is the service for you. This kind of budget will provide you with the opportunity to regularly add DC Modules to your website.


  • Quarterly SEO audit
  • Ad-hoc SEO meetings as required
  • 64 hours of time
Dc psh gold logo


All PSH must be used within the 12 months which aligns with your annual license fee period.

PSH can be used as part payment towards a service. For example if you have requested a service or DC Module which equals more than the hours or value of PSH available you can use all PSH and then pay the balance as a separate invoice.

There are two options for payment of PSH - as a lump sum payment in advance, or via monthly direct debit.