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A comprehensive new website to showcase Harrogate and local areas

The Problem

Harrogate came to us with the following objectives:

  • Improve the experience of using the site for our older audience
  • Increase the amount of younger users to encourage engagement with the location and surrounding area
  • Improve visibility of content for all users
  • Simplify the engagement on devices for all users

The Solution

The user experience on the previous Visit Harrogate website was disjointed and made it difficult for users to find content which matched their interests

We introduced our global categories so users could see all the content which matched a particular interest type. Our location categorisation grouped together content into the seven different regions which make up the wider Harrogate destination making it easy for users to find content based on the area they were visiting.

We rearranged the site navigation into easy to understand logical sections, with sub categorisation within each section and prioritised the mobile experience keeping it clean, simple and easy to understand.

We also put an emphasis on driving users to businesses, events and blog articles.

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Modules installed include
  • DC Global Categories Module

  • DC Public Submissions

  • DC Interactive Destination Map

  • DC Location Categorisation

  • B2B Website

  • DC Business Login

  • DC Itinerary Entry Type

  • DC Tiered Membership Structure

The Results

  • Regularly achieving 30%+ of users visiting a directory listing
  • Bounce rate has decreased to below 50% since new site was launched
  • Increased engagement with blog content
  • A website which is a better representation of Harrogate and is easier to navigate

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