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A high end magazine-feel providing compelling reasons to visit.

A site which compliments the unique personality of the area.

The Problem

The client came to us with the following challenge.

"The website should be a bespoke design incorporating the Visit Worcestershire branding and provides an online representation which compliments the unique personality of the area. It should offer a high end magazine feel and provide compelling reasons to visit. It needs to be responsive on mobile, tablet and all common browsers. The site should provide a seamless user experience and increase our on-site engagement."

"The trade section of the site should be an easy to use reference point for businesses and stakeholders. A ‘one stop shop for businesses’."

The Solution

Create a design which really gets under the skin of the Worcestershire region, and then pack the website full of content discovery tools which get users really engaged.

The Visit Worcestershire DC Pro website includes the following features:

Accessibility Planning Tool: Throughout the site there are banners prompting users to enter their accessibility requirements to find accessible businesses.

Location Categorisation: The ability to group together content (business directory, offers, events, competition, itineraries and blog sections) from across the site on to a single landing page for a specific location.

DC Interactive Map: An interactive map that works in two stages: (1) The map displays. The user is able to click on each region to display a summary card about that region. The two actions after that are 'explore area map' (which starts stage 2) or 'learn more' which opens the region page, and (2) A selection of entries from that region appear on the map, and are plotted by pins. The user can click onto a pin and summary information on the entry appears. The user has the option to then close the summary and return to browsing or be directed to the entry listing.

DC Availability Search: Accommodation and Experiences search which pulls in availability data from a range of different back-office systems and allows users to search by start date and end date and number of people.

Visit Website
Modules installed include
  • DC Accessibility Planning

  • DC Accessibility Toggle

  • DC Trip Planning Wizard

  • DC Interactive Destination Map

  • DC Location Categorisation

  • DC Cookie Consent Management

  • DC Availability Search

  • DC Business Login

  • DC Itinerary Entry Type

  • B2B Website

  • DC Tiered Membership Structure

  • DC Multi-site CMS

  • DC Public Submissions

The Results

- 40%+ of website visitors view a business listing

- Increased on-site engagement with the majority of visitors viewing 2 or more pages

- 10%+ of users view a blog article

"I love the CMS. It's so intuitive and easy to use. The reporting dashboard is a game changer for us too. It's easy for us to understand what's working and what can be improved."

Owen Brown, Content Creative

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